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Project Ball Elevate (PBE)

AAAA - C   /  D - E   /   M55, Fall '23   /   All Players   /   PBE

New members start at Level 0 and progress one level at a time after participating and completing at least 60% of a season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) of a league (Mighty 55, Queens 55, and Rumble 33). Completed seasons, starting from the Summer 2016 season, have already been applied to current players. Leveling up is a smart move for hoopers; the more you level up, the more you can save!


How does it work? If a league player returns for the following season, they will be awarded a one-time PB Credit amount that will be applied towards their registration fee. This one-time offer can’t be applied towards other Project Ball events or apparel purchases. This offer is void if the league player chooses not to participate in the upcoming season. Additional benefits will be added to the PBE as we continue to fine tune it. 


PB Credit Per Level, Per Season Amount

Level 1 - Level 5: 20,000 KRW

Level 6 - Level 10: 30,000 KRW

Level 11 - Level 15: 40,000 KRW

Level 16 and Above: 50,000 KRW

PBE Player Levels are listed on the PBLB All-Time List.

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