Seoul 5x5

The first Project Ball 5x5 basketball league sprung up in late-2016 and consisted of 4 teams. Fast forward a few years and it has grown to become 3 separate leagues with a combined total of 16 teams. The competition and comradely between players from all around the world makes our leagues some of the best in the region.

D1:  Compete at the highest level, usually features players with organized ball experience (pro-level, college, etc.)

D2:  Play recreationally

D3:  For players who are unable to play in D2 because of scheduling conflicts.  

Registration Periods:

D1, Autumn 2020:  10/4 - 10/18, Closed

D2, Autumn 2020:  10/4 - 10/18, Closed

D3, Autumn 2020:  10/27 - 11/14, Closed

D1, Spring 2021:  1/1 - 1/17 

D2, Spring 2021:  1/1 - 1/17

D3, Spring 2021:  TBD

New individuals who would like to join a league must participate in to one of the scouting sessions which are hosted 1 to 2 weeks before the drafts. During the drafts, team captains will draft players until their rosters is full. Returning players may directly declare for the draft.

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