Group Training for Students


Project Ball Academy is designed for students in the 3rd grade and above and focuses on developing fundamental skills for on-and-off the courts. We are currently working with international schools and local organizations to offer basketball group classes.




Project Ball Academy is headed by Robbie Pollard (pictured below), a dynamic individual from San Francisco, California. He grew up around the game of basketball and played alongside his two brothers as far back as they can remember. Robbie had the opportunity to play basketball in different parts of the world and his journey is highlighted by his time as a semi-pro player in South Africa. He came to Korea a handful of years ago as an English instructor and helped Project Ball carve a path for their Academy program. 

Robbie loves coaching and is passionate about seeing students not only learn more about the game of basketball but develop fundamental skills such as team work, decision-making, and communication within a fun setting. He leads a team of international coaches to offer both private and public group classes for students in Seoul.

Please refer to the Playground to see how your family can be a part of the group training. For additional information, you may email us at