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Rumble 33, Summer 2024

Summer '24 Info

The Rumble 3x3 Int'l Basketball League in Seoul debuted in July 2023 and is open to both teams and individuals who are looking to play the half-court game in Seoul. There are no restrictions on who can play, so hop in where you fit in. Additionally, this season will also feature The King Of The Court (KOTC), 1x1 matchups for glory, PBLB Individual W-L Records, and Points. The Summer '24 season is in July and is sponsored by Sam Ryan's Sports Bar.

Register (Player) (Google Form)

Register (Team) (DM on Instagram)



Estimated Teams

House Party, No. 8

Game Days (Tentative)


Rules & Regulations

1st Place Prizes

Summer 2024

Open to All Players


Friday, 6/28, 8 PM, Sam Ryan's

Saturday, 7/20, 3-8 PM

Saturday, 7/27, 3-8 PM

(Additional Dates May Be Added)

Indoor Gym near DMC St.

(Additional Venues May Be Added)


Minimum 6 +1 Guaranteed Games

Minimum of 3 Players Per Team

Maximum of 5 Players Per Team

All-Team Playoffs

Free Entry to Mighty 55, Sum '24

Est. Value 160K per Player

Championship Shirts

50 PBLB Points per Player

Team (Early)

Team (Normal)

Team (Late)

Plus KOTC (Optional)

Individual (Early)

Individual (Normal)

Individual (Late)

Plus KOTC (Optional)

PBE Discount

On-site Staff Discount

Payment Method

Register (Player)

Register (Team)

B/W Jersey (Optional)

200,000 KRW by Mon, 7/1, 10 PM

240,000 KRW by Mon, 7/8, 10 PM

280,000 KRW after Mon, 7/8, 10 PM

Additional 20,000 KRW per Player

50,000 KRW by Mon, 7/1, 10 PM

60,000 KRW by Mon, 7/8, 10 PM

70,000 KRW after Mon, 7/28, 10 PM

Additional 20,000 KRW


DM on Instagram

Cash or Bank Transfer


Google Form

DM On Instagram


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