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PBLB (1000+ Players)

Last Update on 2023/5/17

Over 1,000 players from all around the world have walked onto the courts and hooped with Project Ball — and we kept track. Check the Project Ball Leaderboard (PBLB) to see where international basketball players in Seoul rank. 

PBLB Player Ratings are calculated from team and individual stats accumulated from official Project Ball events. Positive stats like wins, points scored, and rebounds will earn you rating points for that particular event type. On the other hand, negative stats like turnovers and personal fouls subtract rating points from your total. Rating points earned from various type of events are then combined and weighted accordingly. 

Base Rating (1000)

D1 Stats (2016-2023) (50%)

D2 Stats (2017-2023) (20%)

D3 Stats (10%)

Pickup Stats (10%)

In The Lab Stats (5%)

Special Events Stats (5%)

PBLB 10-Tier System
Class AAAA (2500 and above)
Class AAA (2400 - 2499) 
Class AA (2200 - 2399)
Class A (2000 - 2199)
Class B (1800 - 1999)
Class C (1600 - 1799)
Class D (1400 - 1599) 
Class E (1200 - 1399)
Class F (1000 - 1199)
Class G (999 and below)

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